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琪琪词资源网 — 毕业赠言给同学英文


Meet and farewell, sail and off shore, is the end of past joy, the beginning of happiness in the future.


Life is like a river, you would like to be persistent leaf boat; life is like a boat, you would like to be a seaman regardless of the weather.


Want to say a lot. But such a moment, such an occasion, can leave you, only my silent prayer: "treasure, my friend!"!


Perhaps our fate together, may be a new year, may be mid autumn festival, let us drink a glass of wine. When we blush, we sing a song.


No matter how long the future will be, please treasure every moment we meet. No matter how many seasons, we are friends forever.


Your unassuming personality gives me a sense of peace and a calm, calm heart!


Maybe we can work together again. Can we fight for this friendship? As a life, we can not expect it.


Wish you a rich set foot on Marlboro, cause on Mount Hongta, Valentine Ashima 51, revenue across china!


You have wisdom as well as wisdom and a hard hand. Wherever you are, happiness and joy are always with you!


We have 6 together in the spring and autumn, every game, every discussion, every quarrel, will become a precious page in my memory.


Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be competitors. May friendship deepen in the competition.


How high is this step? We do not know, but we have calmly crossed, resolutely crossed, leaving the old steps behind.


Wave goodbye and sail away. No, the rope of friendship you throw out is invisible to my heart.


After winter, it is spring, and the wind and snow stop the sun. Man is to live his life in such a situation.


Opportunity does not come to your head. There is nothing shameful or shameful about it.


Remember that life is ceaseless onslaught, who can follow the truth to life, who will never mind pure.


There is always a loss in life, there is always regret, there is no loss, where to find, no regrets, where to expect?


In our life, how many have a strange life, but were missed, even looked at each other no chance.


Earth, five shells beach, with a staff movement, a colorful way of life.


Would you like the red maple leaf in the wind "and reveal the color of the sun, I wish to become the backbone of the country.


The steps of youth should not linger on the painted floors, the polished asphalt roads, or the wandering of the flower beds.


The huge building, a stone wood is always up, might as well do one stone in this wood?


This season, we fly our childhood kites, ideals and beliefs, floating, rising, and dialogue with us.


Dear students, we want to congratulate you on your graduation. Today, we will witness the glory of this cultivation!


Today, the classmate broke up and said, "take care!" the alumni of the Ming Dynasty met each other, and he said: "success!"!


The cattle enjoy the least and contribute the most. It eats grass, but it gives meat and milk, so it's best to be an old ox!


Maple leaf is always red, the sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. As long as we treasure each other, our friendship will not go away.


I would like to wish you a cup of tea, moisten the throat; like a ray of sunshine, illuminate your future; like a bouquet of flowers, make your life colorful!


I can't forget the feelings of six years, because we happened around too much, wish our friendship forever!


Even in the wind, you should never retreat, to fight in the era of students, to climb to the lofty mountains.


Walking with you, recalling the common ideals we once had, breaking up with you and dreaming of the revelry when we meet again.


Let the clouds, the sun always accompany you to go to the far-off regions; flowers, green grass out your lofty quest of the future.


Let us hand in hand, each other to all the joy and happiness to each other, I pray to God, so that joy is always full of our time and space.


How high is the stairs? We don't know, but we calmly crossed, resolutely crossed, leaving the old steps behind us.


Liu Yin, do not make every possible melancholy, the number of students carrying youth, long, looking forward to the journey thousands of thoughts, friendship is willing to become the force of progress!


Never laugh at the flower bud tender without China, because the bud to bloom, there will be a garden of spring.


Ambition, diligence, innovation, pursuit, these are wonderful notes. Put them together in a harmonious way, you can compose a song of youth.


Hope is a tough crutch, patience is a travel bag. Take them with you. You can go on a journey of eternity and travel all over the world.


Plain time, dull story, but I do not know the rainy night, there should be many purple lonely flash in your dreams.


Dear friends, please shake hands, then to the west towards the east. Bloom the most gorgeous smiling face, give tomorrow more beautiful dream.


If you smile once, I can be happy for a few days. I can see you cry once, and I'll be sad for years.


Know each other is God, the acquaintance is satisfactory, adding that friendship, love and intention, we can get together, because of the heart.


Who accompany you through the snow storm, who is in your most vulnerable time, give you spiritual comfort? Yes, my classmate. Classmate, you are so friendly!


Do not let the boat of pursuit anchor in the harbour of fantasy, but you should raise the sails of struggle and sail to the sea of real life.


We are lucky to have this good time. We have the spirit to seize the moment, and the future to us.


May my valediction is an umbrella, you can block the sun and wind and rain on the journey.


Knowing you is my joy, leaving you is my pain. For the upcoming parting, support for me is the hope of reunion.


Said to go with me to the old, fast happy Yue than Mandarin duck. Now I only indulge in self-admiration, you have unfettered blandishments.


If we are children, they can stay in the same time, sit together while listening to those who never old story side Haoshou slowly.


Meet again again, parting, and then together; autumn wind blowing wilderness, a period of only a moment. I will cherish you, my friendship, and I look forward to meeting you.


Sunshine will go, flowers will thank you, only you, my friendship is eternal!


When parting, I hope you can remember me. Don't ask the world tomorrow, would it be the same.


The seeds of friendship, deep in the hearts of you and me, in the spring, they can sprout, bloom to you and me the flowers.


In the picture of life, occasionally a gray, does not mean that you sink, it is important to be able to extract the green green hope.


As long as the heart is still beating, the blood is still hot, it is necessary to raise your head to be a man, to be a real man and a man with capital.


If, like now, if the handshake can not, nod can not, let our eyes convection.


Goodbye, my dormitory, good-bye, my brother, good-bye, my youth, goodbye, my university.


Boy, may you quickly shed your childish delicacy, lift up the sails of creation, sail to maturity, and sail to the golden coast.


Irren ist menschlich? Do not wallow in self reproach for your momentary faults. Lift up your head, you still have a blue sky!


Experience tells us that there is no absolute fairness in the world, so you should be open-minded.