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琪琪词资源网 — 毕业时对同学说的话英文


No matter how far away the future may be, you will have me on the way to growth; no matter when we meet, we will be friends forever.


After graduation, please compose a youth melody, accompanied by you and me in tomorrow's journey to continue to forge ahead!


Tomorrow, this is a beautiful, brilliant, and reflects the colorful and charming words. May your future be infinitely bright, infinitely bright and infinitely charming!


If I can, I would like to put everything in my heart into today's difference. But I can't do that! So, let's break up with silence!


Friends are like umbrellas. They always stand by you, whether it's sunny or rainy!


Many hardships in life, where no obstacles? Hundred fold back, out of the happy road. Go stop elmore!


A few years of classmates, I and you have forged a deep friendship, I wish you and my heart to communicate, until forever.


Achievement and work are in proportion; one divides into one. Over time, from less to more, miracles can be created!


The boat sails in the harbor of youth, we split up temporarily, full of ideals and pursuits. When will we meet again? Where will the harvest be?!


People in the journey, will inevitably encounter thorns and frustrations, but after the storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow.


The higher a man's aim is, the faster his talents will develop, and the more he will devote to society.


Do not be troubled by obscurity; the seeds of a great tree are unknown when they are in the soil.


Shake hands tightly. The hand has intention, the hand has the sentiment, in the palm in a thousand words, also has my unspeakable secret.


How to write your own history? Time is turning the pages of a book, young friend, please do your pen.


The stars and the moon are together; the pearls and the agate are together; the crops and the land are together; happiness and labor are together.


My life is in you, and you live with me; when we meet again, you and I are still a whole.


You have the same springs of wisdom and a pair of hard hands, buddy, buddy, no matter where you are lucky and happy to accompany you!


Life is like a cup of liquor, again and again without refining ah, will not be so delicious.


Behind all regret -- the students set number of teenage love long under the willow, hope the journey thousands of thoughts, friendship to the power of endeavour?


A man's genius is like a spark, which can be extinguished or burnt. Light it up and burn it into a raging fire.


Let us do that inconspicuous small stones, to lay the motherland thousands of miles inside the golden road.


Fenglin of leaves falling, we have have a number of memories. Wave the maple leaf, will bring us a very beautiful state!


People can know by accident, it is not easy. May we take good care of friendship and bridge our friendship more firmly.


Miss you like a curl of smoke linger on faintly, wishes to you like a babbling brook along with life.


Believe in life, believe in life, not because of the first flight, encountered dark clouds storm, doubt the blue sky and white clouds!


Open your arms and greet me, my friend. This step by step is the gilded morning, the glorious future of life!


The time we can't keep separate us, please keep my affection in your heart. When the clouds fly down, I'll greet you at all times.


Classmate that past life, is a bunch of ice Tomatoes on sticks, that charming sweet and sour will never finish up.


Your gift, such as a spark, if you use hard work to support it, it will become a raging fire, emitting the incomparable light and heat.


Society is a book, let us hard to study, regardless of its meaning, to continue its new.


In the snow season, we were confused, lonely and miserable, but we came after all.


You fully and delightfully sums pour out their image, no color and ornament, but left rugged beauty, simple beauty, the beauty of nature.


Long distance, long line, with the deep yearning; far space, long time, cut to your care!


Tomorrow, this is a beautiful and brilliant, reflects the colorful and charming words. May your tomorrow be infinitely beautiful, unlimited, brilliant and charming!


Meet again again, parting, and then together; autumn wind blowing wilderness, a period of only a moment. I will cherish you, my friendship, and I look forward to meeting you.


The sorrow of others, the joy of others, your kindness, devotion, and unselfishness are always enshrined in my heart.


Perseverance is great and mysterious knife, as long as you hold it firmly, can be in the life of stone, engraved traces of excellence.


Once we have it, we can know the value of it. The flower of youth, however, is seldom known until it is gone.


Dream! Love dream child will become the ideal person; and full of thoughts, is the genius of the twin sisters!


Life is a profound book. Others' notes cannot replace your own understanding. May you discover and create something new.


Classmate, let the sweet whispers of the past night bury in the bottom of my heart and turn into beautiful memories!


The rings of years, like the black revolving records, play the beautiful old song in the heart of each one of us!


We had to part, say good-bye softly, thank you, thank you for giving me a deep friendship.


Walking with you, recalling the common ideals we once had, breaking up with you and dreaming of the revelry when we meet again.


Classmate that past life, is a bunch of Tomatoes on sticks, that charming sweet and acid, will always be memorable.


No matter how many years passed, no matter how far I traveled, I missed that road. It once led me to meet you.


As long as there is a little memory, a little opportunity, a story will last forever.


You cherish today, but also a hundred times to embrace the enthusiasm of tomorrow, that did not, the future must belong to you!


If you want to sail, you can't be afraid of the sea; if you want to climb a mountain, you can't be afraid of heights; if you want to study, you can't be afraid of hard work!


Your youth like the sun hot, even in the face of frost, to melt into a fountain, to nourish the earth, garden irrigation.


No matter how far away the future is, there is you and me on the way to grow up No matter when we meet, we are friends forever.


He who knows how to trust, finds the easy, knows the forgotten, finds the freedom, knows the concern, and finds the friend.


The mythical world of childhood, though far away from you, is embracing you with a richer, greater reality of life.


Do not sigh, do not blame! Since there are spots on the sun, things in the world are more likely to be without defects.


Liu Yin, do not make every possible melancholy, the number of students carrying youth, long, looking forward to the journey thousands of thoughts, friendship is willing to become the force of progress!


Meet and farewell, sail away from the shore, is the end of past joy, but also the beginning of the future happiness.


The wind blew away the blessing of the heart Xu, expect rain blurred vision, I fastened the memorial complex, believe that one day we will meet again!


Let us consider that the golden key to open the door of suspicion, broke into the palace of creation.


Leave a little regret, but not disappointed; is a bit sorry, but not pessimistic. For we have hope of meeting, and comfort.


Tomorrow, it's a beautiful and splendid place. Reflect the colorful and charming words. May your tomorrow be infinitely beautiful. Infinite brilliant. Infinitely fascinating!


Don't look to the past again. It won't come again. Take good care of it now! That's your spirit.